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Cree First to Offer a 10-Year Warranty on Intelligent Lighting Systems

SmartCast Technology’s Proven Reliability Enables Investment Protection for Customers

DURHAM, N.C. -- Cree, Inc. (Nasdaq: CREE) continues its commitment to delivering better light with the introduction of the first 10-year warranty for intelligent lighting systems on all new Cree SmartCast® Technology luminaires with integrated sensors. Cree®SmartCast Technology is the most intuitive and easiest to install intelligent light solution on the market, delivering up to 70 percent energy savings for half the cost of other solutions and now backed by an industry leading, 10-year limited warranty.

“After millions of cumulative hours of accelerated lifetime testing, Cree is confident that it has proven the long-term reliability of its intelligent lighting products,” said David Elien, Cree senior vice president, lighting. “Cree stands alone in its commitment to supporting its SmartCast® Technology with a 10-year, limited warranty, enabling your employees to be more productive and your building to become a long-term intuitive asset.”

The new, industry leading, 10-year warranty covers all Cree commercial-grade SmartCast Technology troffers and suspended luminaires. It lowers the total cost of ownership and overall install costs for SmartCast Technology customers compared to control systems that require additional costs for extended warranties and are often limited to five-year terms.

Every luminaire in the SmartCast Technology portfolio uses OneButton™ Setup to commission up to an entire building with a single stroke, offering intelligence that is live within minutes. The result is an enhanced experience that enables personalized, task-specific environments that adapt to users in each space for increased productivity. It even applies what it learns to drive energy costs lower for continual operational improvement. SmartCast Technology reduces design time, wires and setup time often associated with traditional controls systems. The system provides smart lighting that meets existing and emerging building codes and operates wirelessly or over Power over Ethernet to deliver better light now and into the future.

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