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Existing Fixture Evaluation

Next TLCO performs an exhaustive evaluation analyzing both the quantity and quality of your existing fixtures and how they can work within a new energy saving plan.


Conceptual Design

Once we have a complete understanding of your existing lighting fixtures, our team draws up a conceptual design suited for your facility. This step lays the foundation for the main design, which establishes rough cost estimates on preliminary equipment budgets, initial savings, and your ROI.


Detailed Design

Collaborating with your team, TLCO finalizes the design plans by providing quantified results in a simple format that includes performance and product specification – letting you know exactly how much you’ll save in your company’s budget.

Presentation Possibilities

TLCO works with advanced software that will be compatible with how your company functions; software options include:

  • DIALux 4, DIALux evo 3

  • AGI32

  • Relux

  • Radiance

  • AutoCAD

  • 3ds Max Design


Project Procurement Management

Lighting Directly to the Job Site.

Details are crucial in construction projects, and TLCO doesn’t overlook one, ensuring the materials are procured correctly and delivered directly to the job site on time.

Financing and Rebate Assistance

TLCO goes the extra mile for you and can estimate utility rebates, complete paperwork, and partners affordable financing.


Support Every Step of the Way

Throughout the entire process, TLCO will provide you with the resources and knowledge that prepare the perfect outcome for your facility. Versatile presentation features, guaranteed procurement management, and rebate assistance play large roles in making for successful installations.


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Initial Client Contact

We begin by studying and understanding the requirements you need for any given project; common understanding of your vision lays the foundation for the project’s success.

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