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Breakthrough Software Solution Extends Cree’s SmartCast Technology

DURHAM, N.C. -- Cree, Inc. (Nasdaq: CREE) introduces SmartCast® Manager, innovative software that unlocks the potential of better LED technology as the engine of limitless applications beyond light. The breakthrough Cree® software maximizes the energy savings of Cree’s SmartCast PoE (Power over Ethernet) LED connected lighting intelligence platform with a OneButton™ Setup that commissions an entire building with a solitary stroke. The technology also facilitates a single point of control and visibility into real-time data analytics to identify advanced energy saving strategies and unlock the potential of more applications for better light through LED technology.

SmartCast Manager extends Cree’s SmartCast PoE into IoT applications by harvesting data that helps building owner operators manage energy usage as well as the safety and vitality of building occupants. The data harvested from the lighting system can be used to track crowd locations within a building in case of emergency, manage the usage of the HVAC system based on building capacity or offer personal control of lights to improve employee productivity.

“Cree’s SmartCast® Manager enables IoT for buildings. It serves as the foundational software that can enable limitless possibilities and applications through better light, including emergency wayfinding and energy demand responsiveness,” said David Elien, Cree senior vice president, lighting. “Cree’s SmartCast® Technology and SmartCast Manager take Intelligent Light far beyond the limits of what’s possible with traditional solutions.”

The revolutionary software’s dashboard aggregates current data and analytics to visualize energy savings and uncover additional ways to save. The system also facilitates the collection of historic energy data for future trend analysis, measurement and verification. Further capabilities include advanced energy saving methodologies. Building operators can employ aggressive control settings, for occupancy detection, daylight harvesting and other energy-paring strategies, like task tuning to adjust lights in specific areas where lower light levels are desired. For example, lights can be set to lower levels in conference rooms compared to work spaces where more light is needed in order to see detail.

SmartCast Manager’s OneButton Setup uses visual light communication and intelligent algorithms to create logical occupancy and switch groups, capable of setting up to an entire building at one time and eliminating the painstaking and error-prone commissioning process of ordinary PoE lighting. The technology also provides a central location for controlling light settings and configurations, so lights can be turned on or off, dimmed or adjusted based on user preferences.

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