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A low-voltage LED lighting solution that reduces costs and enhances building intelligence.


Lighting accounts for about 35% of a typical building’s energy use, and commonly-used fluorescent fixtures are limited in their controls and lighting intelligence. They only light up the space. But for building managers looking to reduce energy costs and improve building intelligence on a practical level, the right lighting solution is a smart place to start – like one that can cut energy costs by 75% or more.


The Redwood intelligent lighting network solution from CommScope delivers all the benefits of low-cost, high-efficiency MHT LED lighting combined with a sensor network that reports motion, temperature and illumination. That sensor data can better inform facilities policies – and because its API interfaces with intelligent building systems, it can help put those policies into action.


  • Integrated sensor network reports occupancy, power use and temperatures across one building or an entire network for enhanced energy efficiency and building security.

  • Low-voltage DC infrastructure is easier to install, configure and maintain than traditional AC power infrastructure.

  • A streamlined Web-based management console allows global control, on-site or off-site.


LEDs run cooler, longer and more flexibly than fluorescent fixtures, reducing energy and maintenance costs.


Redwood, with MHT Luminaire’s, has developed a leading smart building platform that powers and controls lights and a high-density sensor grid providing both energy savings averaging 75% and granular monitoring of space utilization, temperature and power consumption.


This award-winning approach uses patented networking technology and a-low-voltage DC architecture for high reliability and scalability, as well as low cost installation.



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