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New York Empowerment Zone

"MHT has invested millions of dollars in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility with 55,000 square feet, which is an ISO 9000/1 Certified factory and is located in Staten Island, New York (New York City Empowerment Zone).  All our lighting products are manufactured and assembled here in NY.


MHT’s facility is devoted to research and development, manufacturing, engineering, testing, inspection, innovations and general business operations. Our assembly lines are currently capable of manufacturing up to 100,000 products per month and we employ American workers. Every product has detailed step-by-step manufacturing, assembling and testing procedures to ensure quality and long life.”

– Tom Spinelli, CEO

“I am writing at this time to offer my recommendation for MHT Lighting, a Staten Island based manufacturing facility, located within a New York City empowerment zone. MHT Lighting specializes in the manufacturing of high efficiency lighting . . . creates new jobs for New Yorkers and I believe they should have the opportunity to expand into the marketplace and create even more jobs for New Yorkers. They provide a unique opportunity to create more energy efficient technology in New York State.”

– Martin J. Golden

New York State Senator


The Pratt Center for Community Development assesses that "MHT is a promising company on the upswing having countless benefits which demonstrate the incredible ingenuity and innovation of their workers. MHT Lighting exemplifies 'Made In NYC's' values of encouraging entrepreneurship and innovation, and embodies the strength and spirit of New York City's manufacturing sector."

The Wall Street Journal reported  "US Factories Begin to Hit Growth Stride...Business at MHT Lighting, which makes energy-efficient indoor and outdoor lighting, reflected the national trend.."

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